Breast Formation in Men – Tips and Guide

Breast formation is also called Gynecomastia. This occurs regularly and can be experienced as embarrassing or disturbing. Many men with breast formation find their upper body too feminine and feel insecure about this. During puberty and middle age, the mammary gland can become larger, causing breast formation. Often this disappears by itself. When breast formation is a normal reaction of the body, but does not disappear by itself, a cosmetic procedure can offer a solution. Breast reduction is usually performed (removal of glandular tissue), sometimes in combination with liposculpture (removal of adipose tissue).

However, sometimes breast formation in men is a sign of a disease, such as a liver or kidney disease or a tumor in the breast or testicle. If it is suspected that there is a deviation, the intervention may be reimbursed by your health insurer through a referral on medical grounds.


The removal of breast formation in men is usually performed under general anesthesia. After the treatment you can generally go home the next day. The plastic surgeon first marks where the incisions are made, usually under the nipple. Depending on the procedure, excess fatty tissue (liposculpture) and glandular tissue will be removed. Sometimes a nipple correction is needed. The incisions are then stitched. Usually two thin tubes (drains) are also applied to drain the wound fluid. These tubes are removed when almost no more wound fluid comes out. Finally, you will receive a support bandage or corset to support your chest.

After a Gynecomastia Treatment

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Will Gynecomastia Go Away With Diet, Exercise, Creams or Pills?


The final result of the treatment is only visible when you have fully recovered. This can take a few months. Immediately after treatment your breasts may be sensitive and feel tense. This becomes less after a few days. You must rest in the first week after the treatment, after which you may carry out light work again. After a week you will return for an inspection appointment. Then the stitches are also removed. In the months following the procedure you will slowly regain the normal feeling in your nipples. How long this takes varies per person.

For a good and quick recovery it is important that there is no tension on your chest in the first weeks after the treatment. For the first six weeks after the treatment you must therefore wear a corset that provides good support day and night. You must bear in mind that you are not allowed to exercise or lift heavily during the first six weeks.

Over time, the scars will take on the color of your skin and become less visible. For a good recovery it is important that you do not expose the scars to the sun for a year.

Are Smoothies Just As Unhealthy As Soft Drinks?

Smoothies are pure fruit or vegetable drinks. Many people regard them as a healthy snack, a healthy alternative to soft drinks or even as a full breakfast. But that is actually not correct.

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Are Smoothies Just As Unhealthy As Soft Drinks?

Usually it is pressed or pureed fruit and / or vegetables to which water or crushed ice has been added. It can also be a mix of dairy products (milk, yogurt …) and pressed or pureed fruits and / or vegetables.

Pureed fruit and vegetable drinks are no alternative to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Pureed fruit and vegetable drinks contain fewer nutrients (especially fiber) than fresh fruit or vegetables. The more the fruit is mixed, the more fibers and nutrients are lost. Dietary fibers ensure good intestinal function because they retain moisture.

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Unlike soft drinks, smoothies do contain vitamins and minerals, but that hardly makes a difference with a normal diet. Smoothies and the like cannot replace fresh fruit or vegetables, they can at most be a supplement.

Tip :

– If you make smoothies yourself, do not puree the fruits / vegetables for too long.
– Choose a fiber-rich fruit as the basis such as apples, pears, bananas or berries.

• Smoothies contain the same amount of sugar and calories as soft drinks.

Although the sugar in a smoothie is natural sugar comes from the fruit and the sugar in soft drinks is sugar added, the calorie value of this sugar is the same. The energy value of soft drinks (cola, lemonade) and a smoothie is therefore comparable: 40 to 45 kcal per 100 ml. When extra sugar or yogurt has been added, a smoothie can even contain more sugar than soft drinks.

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In other words: if you drink too much, this will contribute to a high energy intake and therefore weight gain.

Smoothies are aggressive to the teeth.

Smoothies – certainly the ready-made drinks that you buy in the store – are high in sugar and have a high acidity. As a result, just like regular fruit juice (and most soft drinks), they are bad for the teeth. They affect the tooth enamel.
So it is not a good idea to drink smoothies and the like every day (several times) as a snack or in place of a meal because this means an attack on your teeth every time.

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Tip :

– If you make smoothies yourself, then certainly do not add sugar.

– Drink a smoothie and the like no more than 1 or 2 times a day and preferably immediately after or before a meal. In this way you limit acid emissions. Do not use them to drink during the day instead of eg tea, coffee or water.

– Neutralize the acid by rinsing with water or milk or by chewing on a sugar-free chewing gum.

• Brush your teeth before breakfast if you plan to use a smoothie or breakfast drink. If you polish them afterwards, the tooth enamel may be damaged. Wait at least an hour after this type of drink before brushing your teeth.