Hair Growth for Men Facts and Myths

The predicament of excessive hair loss differs considerably between men and women. This problem occurs more often among men than it does with women. The main reason for this is an irreversible process that leads to the shrinking of hair follicles caused by an increased sensitivity to male hormones. This occurs as we age. There are plenty of products and treatments available on the market that make claims of enhancing hair growth for men. Most tend to produce temporary or short-term results rather than providing a permanent fix. Most people consider hair loss to be a problem that is only caused by old age, but it can begin to appear as a problem for some men as early as in their twenties. Females also experience overall thinning and hair loss but usually don’t begin to show symptoms until a much later age. Early signs for women generally don’t occur until they turn 40 to 50 years old.

Hair Growth for Men Facts and Myths

Hair Growth for Men

Before seeking any treatments for your male hair growth condition, you’ll first need to come to terms with the fact that the process surrounding your hair loss is completely natural. The vast majority of hair loss cases found in men are due to hereditary factors. Many of us choose to merely accept this situation and adopt a shorter hairstyle to adapt to the cards nature dealt us. Many choose to completely shave their heads clean on a regular basis. Luckily, this has become quite fashionable in recent years and is regarded as quite handsome and potentially sexy by some women. Myself, I started shaving my hair short to a normal half-inch buzz cut length around when I turned 30. I love not having to do too much to manage my own hair and I found that I appear to have a much more full head of hair when it is kept short than by trying to incorporate a longer haircut around my growing bald spot. So for some, just simply changing the way we wear our hair might be the most straightforward and simple solution.

Now, of course, that isn’t acceptable for every man. And some men choose to go to great lengths to battle their own personal hair loss. If the area of your scalp that is affected by balding is rather small, you may be in good shape. And there are a wide variety of products and treatments that can not only stop thinning but improve your ability to grow hair. One of the most effective is the product known as Minoxidil. This was initially created and put on the market as a medication to lower blood pressure but was later found to have properties capable of enhancing hair growth. This has become one of the most popular products available today for fighting hair loss by men. We’ve all heard of Rogaine which is the #1 brand of Minoxidil products as recommended by dermatologists. But if you prefer a more natural solution for stimulating hair growth for men, then you can try some of the more alternative choices such as home remedies and changing your diet. Many home remedies can conveniently be concocted using common ingredients like rosemary and olive oil. Adding various supplements and multivitamins to your daily routine will not only lead to a healthier lifestyle but can show some positive results stimulating hair growth as well. By doing so, you may put the brakes on your hair loss problem and end up giving yourself a better sense of well-being as well.

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